Meaning of Esquatak

Esquatak is a Native American name meaning "the fireplace of the nation," so- called because the council seat of the famed Mohican Indians was located in the Town of Schodack. Beside Esquatak, the first residents had villages called Potkoke, Wyomenock, Ontekekomack and others.


If you have an interest in local history, antiques, genealogy, preservation of structures, cemeteries or other historic features, please consider joining Esquatak to support our effort to promote an appreciation for our heritage and preserve at least some of the past for the future. More information is provided on the "Membership Application," which may be downloaded, completed, and returned to the address at the top of the application with a check for the appropriate membership dues.
"Thank You" to the many members who have contributed program ideas, content, and refreshments this past year. Please contact Claudette Coderre-Wicks by e-mail at to assist this year with any of the activities listed below:

  • Suggest or present a program or activity
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Welcome to the Web Site for the Historical Society of Esquatak. Esquatak was founded in 1971 by residents of the towns of Schodack and Nassau, Rensselaer County, New York. The overall mission of the society is to identify and preserve the historic resources of these towns. All are welcome to join. The Society is a not-for-profit, educational organization chartered by the New York State Education Department. Oversight is provided by a board of trustees that is elected by the membership. Activities include lectures/presentations, tours and other educational programs.

A slideshow of photos of historic sites in the

Towns of Nassau and Schodack is shown below:

Castleton Village School group. Seeking identity of any of the children. Please respond with e-mail to